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        Claim-settling regulations of Fujian Shaowu Zhengxing Tailun Rubber Co.,Ltd

        Using normally, the following characteristics are listed to the scope of claim settlement 

        1.Crown separation characteristic: the tread rubber in crown disconnects with buffer layer, bulging or coming off. Delamination is smooth and tread has no abrasions.

        2.Decoupling characteristic: Rubbers in crown disconnect horizontally and there is a slope.

        3.Tread rubber delaminating: The tread in crown comes off layer by layer, with rubber foam or rubber foam block.

        4. Shoulder separation: Rubbers in the shoulder disconnect and rubber and cord ply disconnect, no obvious bulge. The disconnection layer is smooth without tearing.

        5. Shoulder blister: Rubbers in the shoulder disconnect and rubber and cord ply disconnect, no obvious bulge. 

        6. Side separation: Rubber and cord ply in the shoulder disconnect without bulge and the disconnection layer is smooth

        7. Steel wire sticking out: One single steel wire or several wires on tire bead sticks out.

        8. Explosive toe mouth: The toe cord is turned off, the steel wire cloth and the apex angle are separated, the bead wire is partially exposed, and the toe cloth cord has carbon.

        9. Others: The tire cannot be used normally due to manufacturing.